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A Buying Guide for Travel Pillows

Individuals who have attempted to sleep while traveling can attest to the pains, discomfort, and aches, which develop when someone is sleeping in an upright position. Travel pillows are indispensable sleep accessories for many frequent fliers and road trippers. These pillows are relatively smaller when compared to the standard pillow. This means that they can easily be stuffed and scrunched between the headrest and the sleeper’s body. In addition to this, they are lightweight, making it easy for travelers to store them.

Most of these pillows are made from lightweight foams or plush fabrics, while others can be deflated for improved portability. They come in different shapes. Apart from the square-shaped and u-shaped pillows, we have other modern, innovative designs. You can get the best travel pillow by conducting intensive product analysis and research. This post will help you pick out the best travel pillow in the market today. The following are the best travel pillows that you can find in the market:


This product was designed by a flight attendant who knew the pains that travelers experience while sleeping poorly. It is well designed to give the chin, neck, and head support while someone is snoozing. It has a unique shape that fills the gap between the traveler’s shoulder and head. This is an important feature that gives your neck the support needed. This shape can also allow one to twist and conform it in different positions. It can, therefore, be customized to fit the neck and head perfectly. It is a pillow that works best for camping, riding a bus or car, and reading at home.

It is good for:

  • Comfort seekers.
  • Individuals who tend to move their heads while sleeping.
  • Those needing neck and head support.

AirComfy Travel Pillow

This is one of the inflatable pillows. It has an hourglass shape, which makes it suitable for supporting the knees, back, and other parts of the body while sting or sleeping in the office chair or in a bed. The AirComfy Travel Pillow is also suitable for air travel.

Its back has an elastic band that can be wrapped quickly around the headrests to prevent it from jostling excessively. It is a beneficial product for individuals who have a restless sleep. This product can easily be compressed and deflated, making it more portable. It comes with a friendly, travel-ready carrying case. Its firmness can be adjusted to accommodate both children and adults.

The AirComfy Travel Pillow is suitable for:

  • Restless sleepers.
  • Office workers who need support pillows.
  • Individuals who like manually inflated pillows.

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