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Benefits of Full Suspension Mountain Bikes

When you want to buy a mountain bike, you can easily be overwhelmed by the numerous choices available, each with different features. Some of these features are more crucial than others, but you should always check in a mountain bike the suspension. Suspension in bikes allows you to obtain a maximum amount of motion but also help absorb shock.

A mountain bike is either hardtail or fully suspended. Each type comes with its benefits and downsides, but this also depends on person-specific factors like the riding style, where you will be riding the bikes, and preferences. When compared to hardtail mountain bikes, full-suspension bikes have several key benefits.

Below are some of the top benefits of full suspension bikes:

Excellent in Absorbing Shock

excellent shock absorptionOne of the significant reasons you should consider buying full suspension bikes is the efficiency resulting from its shock-absorbing feature. Full suspension is mainly used as a shock absorber such that no matter how rocky the place you are riding your bike is, you will not feel much of the impact as the full suspension feature will absorb it. This means that you will always get a comfortable ride on a full-suspension bike, something you might not get on a hardtail bike.

The Rider Does Not Get Fatigued Quickly

the rider does not get fatigued quicklyAnother great benefit of full suspension bikes is that they enable you to have a smoother ride, which means your arms and upper body do not get thrown around a lot. You can ride your bike in a rough place while being relaxed and loosely holding the bike. This helps protect you from getting tired quickly, allowing you to pedal promptly and for a longer time.

The Best Option for Slippery Trails

best for slipperly terrainOne of the top features of a full suspension bike is that both the front and the rear wheels can travel vertically, which helps absorb bump force. The moment you land after a bump, your wheels do not bounce off but instead, the wheels firmly implant themselves on the ground. This gives you more traction, which is highly advantageous, especially in slippery trails.

As the suspension absorbs shock from a bump, the wheels are pushed into the ground, increasing traction.This means that you can control your bike better and with much ease. Besides, you can stop quickly because the tires are in contact with the trail most of the time. Moreover, the full-suspension feature allows for better climbing and faster riding.…

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How to Get the Most Out of a Business Class Flight

If you are thinking about booking a business class, you will probably have a perspective of getting the most out of the flight. It is obvious you will consider the cost of the ticket and services offered by the airline. Putting that aside, there are other important things for you to consider to help you fully maximize the experience of the business class on your flight day. The following is a guide on how to make them out of a business class.

Know Your Seat

smiling womanThe seats of a business class come in various sizes, forms, and configurations. Some of the types of business class seats include angled-flat seats, lie-flat seats, cradle seats, and the standard economy seats.

Check out the seats before booking the flight to be sure you will be comfortable in your 24-hour flight. You may check the seats from review sites which have the pictures of the seats.

Know the Seating Configuration

You want to spread your legs while on the flight and also if you are a couple you wish to have ultimate privacy. There are different seating configurations for the business class. To get the best seat, do an online check as early as possible to be sure to get the desired seat. If it’s your first time, then consider the 1-2-1 configuration. It caters well for couples and single passengers and also gives passengers aisle access.

Book the Complimentary Chauffeur Service

The chauffeur service of a business class is free. These complimentary chauffeur services offer the business class ticket holders a free limousine transfer at arrival, departure and even when making a stopover. Book them in advance either online or by telephone and seat back and relax and wait to arrive at the airport as a dignitary.

Look for Exemplary Lounge Access

The lounge is the home of the airport. It is where you sit as you get yourself ready for the crazy long flight ahead of you. Look for the extra unique amenities offered at the lounge like good food and free top shelf alcohol. To make the most out of the experience in the lounge, try to arrive a couple of hours early.

Plane amenities

Enjoy the In-flight Amenities

Business class offers in-flight amenities. Some include nice pillows, fancy socks, and amenity kits. You will have access to unlimited food and alcohol, free newspapers and magazines, and access to charging points during the flight. The most exciting thing is that you will enjoy shorter bathroom lines and a bar on board.

Use Priority Boarding

It is everyone’s wish to board the plane early. There is usually a rush to this, and most people tend to forget their luggage. The luxury of business class is that you will get your seat arranged and you will be sure to get all your luggage in the overhead bin. The priority boarding will also readily offer you amenity kits containing everything that you need to make the most out of the business class.…

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